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Rewaco Trike Models

Innovative triking – this is Rewaco’s passion and living reality.
Ranging from optimal drive technology to versatile storage options - rewaco’s comprehensive ʹCOMFORTʹ and ʹTOURINGʹ concepts are developed for your enjoyment.



Please welcome the new PUR3. This is the latest model in our collection. The PUR3 is modern, agile, and sharp with new lines, angles, and accents. Tons of new features and upgrades that come standard. The next evolution of ultimate trikes starts with the PUR3.


RF1 - ST3

Equipped with 3 seats and the large Tour back trunk, the RF1 ST-3 is a true space miracle. Combined with the successful RF1-chassis and automatic transmission, long cruising is on.

2023 Rewaco USA Model Brochure (11.25 x 8.75 in) (8_edited.png


RF1 - GT

The perfect idea of a trike - combining outstanding driving dynamics and aesthetic design. Due to the wide range of equipment, each RF1 can be configured individually.


RF1 - ST2

The RF1-ST2 is especially popular among ambitious touring riders due to its generous space. The sporty yet comfortable driving performance makes this trike very unique. Enjoy lots of space, accessories, and speed.




More comfort, more design, more entertainment. With their ʹTouringʹ models, rewaco opens a whole new chapter of touring adventure along with an outstanding look.

Rewaco Colors.png



When converting our vehicles, we basically deal with every form of physical disability and, together with you, work out a satisfying solution for your personal handicap. This applies to different degrees of physical disabilities. We offer customized options for individual solutions. We'll love to be the ones that'll give your wings back.


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The Ultimate Trike

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