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Rewaco Rentals

Exciting news has just revved up the streets of Florida as Rewaco Trikes, the renowned manufacturer of innovative three-wheeled motorcycles, unveils its brand-new rental program. Offering enthusiasts and adventurers a chance to experience the thrill of cruising the Sunshine State in style, this program is set to ignite the roads from three distinct dealerships across Florida.


With its sleek designs and cutting-edge engineering, Rewaco Trikes invites riders to savor the freedom of the open road through this exclusive rental opportunity. Whether navigating coastal highways or exploring urban landscapes, riders can now indulge in the unique blend of performance, comfort, and striking design that defines Rewaco's trikes. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through Florida's diverse landscapes aboard these iconic, head-turning vehicles.


i95 Exotics -

Miami Beach

i95 Exotic Rentals featured an outstanding selection of bike & trike rentals in Miami to match every budget and personality.  The most enjoyable experience in Miami Beach, FL.


BCG Powersport Rentals - Miami

You’re just a click away from your next adventure. Featuring Rewaco Trikes and some of the best power sports rentals in Miami, FL. 


Haus of Trikes & Bikes - Ft. Myers

Haus of Trikes & Bikes is one of the largest dealers in Ft. Myers for Rewaco and its Rentals. View the largest selection of Trikes in

Ft. Myers, FL.

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